Drone Photography and Videography

Ceridwen Productions has one of the few FAA licensed, insured Drone pilots in the Richmond, Virginia area.Drones are becoming more and more common in our skies, and the uses for them continue to multiply. In aerial photography and aerial video alone, examples include:

  • Aerial Shots for Film and Video
  • Roof Inspection Photography
  • Power Line Aerial Video Inspection
  • Real Estate Commercial Video and Photo
  • Construction Progress Photo and Video

and more!

Drone Regulation

In 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration released the first rules about commercial use of drones in the United States Airspace System. “Part 107” as it is known, established rules, regulations, and requirements for certification of pilots of “sUAS” or “Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems” aka “drones” for any commercial purposes. Drone pilots wishing to fly “for hire” now must be certificated under these rules and hold a current certificate as a “Remote Pilot.”


Most liability insurance policies do not cover aircraft operations, including drones! The industry has been slow to react to the proliferation of drones in the past few years, and most operators may not realize that they are not covered while operating their aircraft. Until the general insurance industry rewrites its policies to handle this specific use, a specific policy tailored to drone operations is usually required to be covered for aircraft liability.

Drone Videography for Richmond and Virginia

Douglas Bischoff of Ceridwen Productions is one of the few licensed, insured, drone owner-operators in the Richmond, VA area. Doug was already an FAA-licensed private pilot, and an accomplished cinematographer, so adding aerial photography and videography to his skillset was a simple and fast way to provide our clients with high-quality aerial imagery.

Call us at (804) 337-3056 or email us at doug@ceridwenproductions.com to talk about how we can add aerial footage to your project!