Whether you have a short film or feature film ready for production, or you have an idea you want to develop into a full-fledged production, we have the team to help you bring your vision to the big screen.

We are proud to be part of Virginia’s Independent Film Production community, and are actively engaged in the promotion and creation of Independent Films.

Independent Film Cinematography

Douglas’ work in Independent film covers many formats: feature films, short films, teasers and pilots, and series work. His wide-ranging styles demonstrate his ability to listen to a Director and choose the lighting, camera movement, and stylistic elements to suit the project. His ability to collaborate with Directors and Producers regardless of their experience level has brought big-budget results to projects ranging from lo-no budget to fully funded.

Pre-Production Expertise

Being able to show up and start putting up lights and cameras is only part of the job. Pre-production planning is vital to the success of any shoot, regardless of size or complexity. Douglas understands this, and has helped productions from the ground up prepare for a successful production segment. Script breakdowns, budgeting, shotlisting, scouting… whatever will help prepare the project to be the absolute best it can be.

Post-Production Savvy

As a colorist as well as a cinematographer, Douglas understands the sometimes murky world of codecs, file formats, and post-production workflows. Through coordination with the editor, colorist, sound mixer, and effects team, your project will be shot with an eye towards using the best possible color science and workflow to make the post-production process streamlined and efficient, with maximum quality results.

Production Value

Low Budget doesn’t have to mean low production value: our team can move the camera any way you need, from Steadicam, to Ronin Gimbal, to 16 foot jib, to Drones. Our experience at shooting for virtual production includes green screen cinematography, 3D camera tracking, and visual effects know-how to help you add just about anything you can imagine to your production!

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2019 Cinematographer Demo Reel

Recent Work


“Hawks Ridge”

Cinematography, Colorist, Showcase


Cinematography, Colorist


Cinematography, Colorist


Cinematography, Showcase

HBT – “Matthew 9:36”

Cinematography, Colorist

HBT – “The Darkest Part of the Day”

Cinematography, Colorist

“Dark Fairy Rising”

Cinematography, VFX


Cinematography, Colorist, Showcase

XPI Game Promo


“An Invitation to the Faire”

Cinematography, Showcase, VFX

“Small Signs”

Cinematography, Colorist


Cinematography, Colorist



“But For Blood”