Director: Ashley Orgain
Cinematographer: Douglas Bischoff
Colorist: Douglas Bischoff
Short Film - 2019

A dead man attempts to relive his past life and determine which is better: reality or memory.

Limbo – A Short Film

Director Ashley Orgain was looking for an experienced DP to help her plan and shoot her project “Limbo” starring Michael Kirkland, Preston Simms, B. Cherie Patterson, and Leah Boyd. The piece involved a combination of shooting styles from hyper-stylized to moody.

Adapt to the Conditions

As it happened, the 2-day shoot ran afoul of rainy weather. The decision was made to shoot in the existing conditions, and adjust the look to match. The crew, led by gaffer Jacquelyne Ris, worked to safely light and shoot in what could have been dangerous conditions. The final look served the film beautifully, providing the drab backdrop to the life that the lead character was leading.

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Director: Richard Bailey
Cinematographer: Douglas Bischoff
Colorist: Douglas Bischoff