Video Gear List

The following video gear is available at Ceridwen Productions. Rentals available, inquire for current price list.

Camera Gear

Camera Support

Lighting & Power

One Ton Grip Package Including:

  • Combo Stands, Baby Stands, C-Stands
  • 2 x 3 and 18″ x 24″ Flag and Scrim Sets
  • Clamps, Mafers, Cardelinis, C-clamps, Helicopters, Quacker Clamps, Foam Clamps
  • Circular (hard and soft) and square bounce and negative bounce coroplast
  • 6×6 50 degree Egg Crate
  • 6×6 Buttefly (Silent Sail Full Grid, Silent Sail Half Grid)
  • 6×6 Silver Lamé Bounce / White Bounce
  • 6×6 Solid
  • 6×6 Greenscreen
  • 12×12 Solid/White Bounce Overhead on “T” frame
  • Antari AF-4 Effects Fan x 2
  • Chauvet Water-Based Haze Machine
  • Mineral Oil-Based Outdoor Fogger

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