One of my favorite blogs to follow is “No Film School.” It’s full of good advice for filmmakers.

Check out their recent post 20 Life-Saving Tips for Indie Filmmakers

Think About the End Goal from the Beginning

Lots of good advice here! In particular, I like the attention to the nuts-and-bolts legal details that will help down the road when you’re trying to get your film distributed: I’ve found for many projects I’ve shot, the emphasis has been all on pre-production and production, with little thought given to what will happen to the film after its finished! Paying attention to this early, during pre-production, will not only give you a better chance at eventual success, but may in fact help shape the production in its early form to be more marketable in the end.

Please Stop Yelling… Unless it’s Appropriate

Another note that I’d like to emphasize: I’ve worked with some Directors who seem to believe that “action!” and “cut!” should be heard by everyone, including the folks at the craft services table several blocks away. The article suggests that “action” is the last direction given before the scene begins, and I agree: it should reinforce the tone that’s already been discussed, rather than distract from it. I’ll add that “cut” needs similar attention. For example, after a particularly emotional scene full of powerful and deep emotion, a loudly shouted “cut” can be jarring to the actors to the point where they are shocked right out of their character and have to work to get back there. Let your AD or PA’s send the word to the rest of the crew if need be: the Director should be sensitive to the mood of the scene.


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