Douglas Bischoff, Cinematographer, Colorist, and Composer at Ceridwen Productions, has successfully obtained a US FAA Remote Pilot certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems rating.

Bischoff, already a certificated Private Pilot, is now one of Richmond Virginia’s only certificated commercial drone pilots.

Drones for Commercials, Film, and Music Videos

What this means is that Ceridwen Productions can now offer commercial video, independent filmmakers, and music video producers a pilot licensed to fly for commercial purposes. We also carry full $1M liability insurance coverage for aerial operations, so you can rest easy. Our in-house UAS of choice is the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Paired with our wireless video monitoring systems gives you and your client a simple way to see the shots as they’re being flown without having to look over the pilot’s shoulder.

Have a project that needs aerial photography that a small drone is suited for? Give us a call!


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